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Services Offered to Insurance Companies

The car insurance market on the Internet is changing and competition is now mainly between the major players in the industry. allows you to position yourself advantageously on the Web, representing a low-cost investment and minimal effort.

Reach a new online clientele

ClickInsurance guarantees your online presence . Access requests from potential customers here and that are submitted expand your horizons. We look effective your online presence and you look effective responding to potential customers!

Target Specific Customer

Analyze the details of requests and send quotes to those with whom you would like to do business . The request contains all the information necessary for you to target a specific customer. For this reason , you will be able to calculate the premium and provide an exact quote to the customer.

Negotiate directly with clients

You can contact a potential customer as soon as you have received a request. From that point, you have full control over the outcome of the transaction.

Offer Additional Services to Customers

Once you are in communication with a potential customer , you can offer additional services like home insurance or life insurance. ClickInsurance gives you access to potential customers looking for car insurance as well as the opportunity to increase your customers in other areas of your business .

Start in Less Than 60 Minutes

Implementing our solution within your business is simple and easy. We offer an online video you can process your staff and we support you at the start of the solution.

Our Solution is Integrated With Compu-Quote

To enable you to focus your efforts on your sales, we are integrated with Compu-Quote, so no manual entry for brokers and especially more time for you to contact customers.

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What kind of insurance company is a good fit for ClickInsurance?

ClickInsurance is a good fit for direct insurers as well as for insurance brokers who offer car insurance.

Is ClickInsurance secure?

All of the information submitted on ClickInsurance is protected using SSL encryption. A new certificate is created every year in order to ensure the validity of our servers.

What Web browsers are supported?

Internet Explorer 6 or higher
Firefox 2 or higher
Google Chrome