The Future of Insurance


Disclaimer: This article is intended for information purposes, with the sole objective of providing food for thought. Under no circumstances should it be construed as advice regarding insurance solutions. Only a duly certified insurance professional is qualified to analyze your personal situation, discuss your needs with you and advise you on insurance solutions.

Technology is a major game changer 

New technologies are changing the way we do just about everything. Witness the demise of all the video rental clubs, Virgin megastores and major newspapers. Businesses need to adapt or die, sink or swim as the saying goes, but insurers are finding it hard to keep up with the breakneck pace of evolution. Insurance is legal in nature after all, and that means changing contracts and clauses… They have managed to put a host of tools online to help their clients get a quote or manage their policies, and then there is ClickInsurance of course... 

Pay as you drive

Those are small in scope compared to what’s coming. We are at the threshold of an insurance revolution. We are already seeing Pay-as-you-drive programs for young drivers to help them save on their insurance by installing a telematics device in their car that collects data on how the car is really used rather than base itself on statistics. The whole industry is keeping a close eye on DGI (Desjardins) and other insurers that have replaced the Telematics device with a downloadable app. Beware! Braking too aggressively or accelerating too quickly could lead to increased premiums…

Real-time health check-up

Wearable technology, such as watches, glasses and bracelets, are becoming increasingly popular and they are a great source of data on an individual’s actual health: their respiratory and cardiac rates, stress levels and body mass index to name but a few. A life insurer can now base his premium on the real health risks rather than on pooled risk probabilities. The American insurer John Hancock is already giving his clients discounts of up to 15% on clients using his app. To be continued…

Driver optional

A car that doesn’t make any noise, that doesn’t pollute and that doesn’t even require a driver? That’s what both Google and Next are hoping to deliver in the coming years. Pipe dream or reality check? You decide. Google’s driverless cars have already driven over a million kilometers… It’s exciting to think that this kind of tech can have a major impact on reducing pollution in our cities and on making car accidents a thing of the past, but what will become of car insurance if there is no driver?  If we even need it, then what will be covered? Analysts are already pondering the risk of piracy or computer viruses disabling the onboard computer…

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