Five benefits of a home security system


Disclaimer: This article is intended for information purposes, with the sole objective of providing food for thought. Under no circumstances should it be construed as advice regarding insurance solutions. Only a duly certified insurance professional is qualified to analyze your personal situation, discuss your needs with you and advise you on insurance solutions.

Bring down your insurance costs

Most insurers will offer sizable discounts on your home insurance premium when you install a home security system. Why? Since your system is hooked up to a monitoring station, the police can intervene quickly, thereby cutting down on the window of opportunity robbers have of taking all your stuff. The rest follows: less stuff is stolen, which means smaller claims, less overall risk for the insurance company, and the good part… lower premiums!

Crime doesn’t pay

If your alarm system isn’t hooked up to a monitoring station, then its only purpose is to let you know of a break in if you happen to be in the house, or at best to warn your neighbours. When it is hooked up, then the station can place a call to the local authorities and get police assistance on the way in no time. They might even catch the crooks before they can make their escape. Given that the thief is probably trying to steal your computer, where you have stored a bunch of precious and personal information, why hesitate? 

A form of prevention

Thieves like a sure thing, and they can pick between your house and that of your neighbours, who doesn’t have a home security system… You see where I’m going with this, right? This is why we always recommend putting stickers on your windows of alarm system companies even if you don’t have one installed, it’s a great deterrent. Most thieves will look for an easier target.

Peace of mind at a reasonable cost

As long as you don’t install a gazillion motion detectors or video cameras in every room, installing a home security system should cost you close to nothing when you agree to a two or three year service contract. Since this type of technology is pretty stable, you also won’t have to upgrade every five years, all you have to do is pay the monthly fee, part of which is paid for by your insurance savings.

How cool are panic buttons?

If you’re worried about the recent increase of home invasions, then surely your top reason to have a home security system installed is that you’ll have a panic button that you can carry with you at all time. In danger? Just press on the button. Older people can also find comfort in this, in case they should fall or have a medical emergency and be incapacitated.

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