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Clic Assure



This summary is intended to present the main elements of our Complaints Handling and Dispute Resolution Policy. It specifies how we ensure the fair and free treatment of complaints submitted to us about the products and services we offer.

1. Definition of Complaint

A complaint within the meaning of our policy constitutes the expression of at least one of the following three elements, which remains after having been considered and dealt with at the operational level competent to render a decision:

  • a reproach against the company; or
  • the identification of potential or actual harm that a consumer has suffered or could suffer; or
  • a request for corrective action.

Does not constitute a complaint, the first manifestation of dissatisfaction on the part of a consumer, whether written or not, when this dissatisfaction is resolved in the normal course of business activities.

2. Person responsible of Complaints Handling

Our person in charge of the application of the policy is Mr. Marc St-Pierre, President. He ensures that any complaint received is handled in accordance with our policy and acts as a respondent to the AMF.

3. Transmission of your Complaint

Your complaint may be sent to us in writing at the following address:

ClicAssure, Cabinet de services financiers inc.
275, Sir Wilfrid Laurier blvd, Suite 201
Beloeil (Quebec)  J3G 4H2
Tel : 450 467-4777  Fax : 450 467-4385
[email protected]

If you need help or if you prefer, you can also contact us by phone at the number mentioned above.

4. Receipt of your Complaint

As soon as it is received, your complaint will be taken care of, and a file will be opened. A detailed acknowledgment of receipt will be sent to you within 5 working days, along with our Complaints Handling and Dispute Resolution Policy.

If additional information is required, we will send you a request for additional information to which we will ask you to respond within 10 working days, failing which your complaint will be deemed abandoned.

5. Handling of your Complaint

The person in charge of complaints handling begins the process of handling your complaint as soon as it is received and entrusts the file for investigation.

After investigation and analysis, we will send you a final written and reasoned response. This decision is rendered within 20 working days of receiving all the information necessary for the analysis of your complaint.

 6. Transfer of your Complaint file

If you are not satisfied with the handling of your complaint or the final decision rendered, you can ask us to transfer your complaint file to the AMF.

We will then send your complaint file as well as all the documents relating to your complaint file.