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SECURITY Secure connection (SSL)

ClickInsurance utilizes the IIS web server and Microsoft SSL security, one of the highest safety standards in the world to ensure all interactions over the website are secure and unreadable by our servers. Information submitted over the site is encrypted using an Certificate to ensure validity and user privacy.

To verify that you are browsing through a secure connection, ensure a padlock or key icon is visible at the bottom of the browser.

Use of Cookies

A cookie is a small file sent from a website and stored in a web user’s browser while viewing a specified website. Each time the web user returns to the site, the browser sends the cookie back to the server and notifies the website of previous activity. ClickInsurance may use cookies to customize the website based on your previous activity. At any time, your browser settings can be modified to restrict the use of cookies.

Collection of Information

ClickInsurance assembles and stores data on a collective basis to gather information about website traffic and usage. The purpose of collecting this data is to identify potential server issues, and manage the site to improve functionality. For example, we assess the number of uses that view each page to determine the most popular topics. In such situations, information related to an individual is not required and is not stored for later use.


Passwords serve as a personal entry code and ensure confidentiality of the user on ClickInsurance. The password paired with your email address will allow access to secure pages of the site or pages for the exchange of secure information. Note that your password can be changed at any time as desired, previous passwords are not stored on our database and are not recoverable.

Google Analytics

This site use Google Analytics. Click here to see Google privacy policy.


For any questions or comments related to the use or contents of this site, do not hesitate to contact ClickInsurance by email. ClickInsurance is designed to provide efficient and quality service; we value your comments and feedback.