ClickInsurance is not an insurance company, neither a broker.
Born out of the desire to help people save time and money on insurance, was designed to be a neutral platform to introduce potential clients to insurance companies.
By completing and submitting an insurance quote request through our website, you have an instant access to several insurance companies that are waiting to provide you with their best insurance quote!

LEDOR Assurances
Alpha Assurances
Assurance auto
Industrielle alliance
Assurance solution SP inc
PME+ Assurance collective pour la PME
Assurances G Gosselin
Beauchemin Gauvin & Guimond Cabinet en assurances de dommages
La Turquoise cabinet en assurance de dommages et services financiers
Le Groupe Lepelco
Nordik Assurances inc. Cabinet en assurances de dommages affilié à La Capitale Assurances générales
Fernando Courchesne et fils ltée
Amr Assurances Multi-Risques
Prospect assurances
Boilard Assurances inc
Assurances Provencher Verreault
Assurances Raby & Bernard
ROK Assurances inc.
Assurancia Groupe Tardif
Avantage Assurance Drummonville
Jimmy Lamarre, agent en assurance de dommages des particuliers,  affilié à SSQauto
Racine & Chamberland.
Geska Assurances & Conseils Inc.
Leclerc assurances et Services Financiers
Delisle Assurances inc.
Club Assurance
Bessette Assurances
Solar & Beaudoin assurances inc. Cabinet en assurance de dommages des particuliers, affilié à Desjardins Assurances générales inc.
Asserpro inc.
Arthur Malouin Ltée
Coulombe Assurances
A. Gendron & ass. Inc.
Assurancia Leduc Decelles Dubuc & Associés Inc.

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Save time and/or money
Contacting insurers one at a time, repeating the same information over and over, hearing the same sales pitch and wasting several hours on the phone is not your thing?

Then you’ve come to the right place!, can help you save time and money when renewing your insurance for your car, home, snowmobile, motorcycle, travel, quad, business, RV and for a host of financial services.

It is a well-known fact that the key to getting the best price on your insurance and financial services is to shop. You’ve been with the same insurer or broker for a few years? Have you checked if their rates are still competitive? allows you to get, at no cost, proposals from several different insurers by filling out only one quote request form.

It’s quite simple: just click on the appropriate icon according to what kind of insurance you want a comparative quote for, fill in the form that has been customized to meet the insurer’s underwriting needs and that’s it! Your information will be immediately sent to our insurance partners, their proposals will be sent directly to your inbox and you can then select and reach out to the one with the best offer. Time response from our partners may vary due to various circumstances such as weekends, holidays, peak periods or limited resources.

Why is competitive? Our partners know well that they are competing against each other. When people call an insurance company, if they are quoted a lower price for their insurance, few will take the time to shop around some more. With, you can get several quotes by filling out just one request form. Know that the average savings for car insurance are close to 300$. Our partners have a vested interest in giving you right away their best offer. is not an insurance company, nor a broker but rather a neutral meeting place for insurers and customers. Before purchasing the policy form an insurance agent or a broker, one of their specialists will contact you to make sure that the coverage you have selected is appropriate for your needs. In the event of a claim, the insurer’s claims department will handle the processing of your claim. wasn’t able to help you save on your insurance this year? It happens sometimes, at least you saved time by not having to contact all the insurers one by one and repeating the same information over and over. You can also conclude that the premiums you are paying this year for that insurance are fair. Don’t hesitate to request a quote on your next renewal. We are always adding new partners and premiums can change from one year to the next.
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